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  • Open Homes

    PocketPA's Open Homes system allows you to know your customers better, by providing you with critical information about anybody at your open home.

  • Bulk SMS

    By integrating with your phones built-in SMS system, PocketPA allows you to send bulk SMSs right from your phone - for free.

  • Vendor Reports

    Automate your vendor reporting workflow using PROList's Vendor Reporting system, seamlessly integrating with your existing website to provide maximum brand-retention.

  • Contact Sync

    Recieve a call and know exactly who it is, and data such as their currently owned property or contact groups before you even answer the phone.

  • Agent Alerts

    Have you ever missed a lead from realestate.com.au, only to find it months later in your spam folder? PocketPA will send you a push notification every time you recieve a lead, and automatically create a new agent alert.

  • Buyer Matching

    Impress potential vendors by showing them a list of real people who are in the market for a property like theirs, updated in real-time using PROList's proprietary data collection systems.

Centralise Your Data

Our engineers have been busy working on a new product PocketPA. We have been working closely with select agents in Far North Queensland to tailor make a CRM that works as simply as possible. Our core features revolve around Centralising Contact Data, Inspections, Vendor Reporting, Agent Alerts (Single and Multi Tasking) and Advanced Buyer Matching.

The most exciting feature we have developed is our integrated SMS technology allowing you to send SMS with your existing mobile plan. We are dedicated to continue development on PocketPA available both on the android and apple store and continue to serve and support the Real Estate Industry.

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